Nope cat

Nope cat
Please don't make me... I don't want to go... please..

I don't find funny the one that so to do to the cat. For the I contradict is esputido!!!...

I have always had cats, some more stubborn than the next but i could never get my cat used to the leash. Gizmo (my big buddy ^-^) loves the back yard, but hates the leash. so we have an unspoken compromise, he doesnt go out, i dont get the leash. first things first: you are the owner, and if you dont have adequate space for your pet, ( either live in an apartment, of busy with work) then dont own a cat or dog. you need a gold fish. animals need exersize (ie the leash and harness) love, attention,food and a clean place to sleep and a litterbox. 2 years ago a rescued a cat from an abused home where he had been kicked in the face, causing exstensive damage to his pallete(unnatural cleft) when we first brought him home he used the litterbox just fine. upon moving 3 months later, he got a wild hair and darted out the door. 2 days later when he came home he would pee on the carpet by the door. so we installed a kitty door, and for the following few months he would go in and out as he pleased. my other cats dont seem to notice the door. go figure. 2 weeks ago leaving for work, my rescue kitty which we had named sid, was laying on the front porch like normally waiting for someone to let him in. now here is the terrible part, sometime in the night a neighbor Ran over Sid and left him for dead. Sid had pulled himself onto the porch, Hom cause that where he was safe. so no I dont agree that harness are cruel, and no i dont belive that a cat should roam free. not with out ACRES to roam. those of you small minded tree huggers that think that cats should be free sould go to a PET SHOP where cats are CAGED and housed in LARGE QUANITIES. Rescue from your local shelter. or get a dog and let him roam free.

that ^ was me by the way.

lORI - i wasn't talking about your spelling.

and well done to the person who thinks it's funny to use other peoples names and post a comments with it. i give you 1000 golden internets.

first of all Im not 13 Im 38 and Ive had animals all my life all I said was I wouldnt leash my cat cause I think its cruel and every one is intitleed to thier own opinion cats and dogs r not the same thats like saying a wolf is like a tiger 2 completly different animals!

A 13 year old who isn't mature enough to write above a 2nd grade level shouldn't be trying to play grown up.
Leashing a cat is not any different than leashing a dog. They have to be trained.
Now, sit down and stop trying to tell adults, namely me, about animals. I've owned more dogs than you've seen, you little obnoxious twit.

just wondering...why cant a 13 year old have an opinion on animal rights...they gotta learn sometime I have no problem with leashes if the cat likes it Im just saying my cat would never like this and Im sure she isnt the only 1 ~ And I disagree cats and dogs r compleatly differnt animals thats like comparring a horse and a goat...they r different And if you can only say something about my spelling than u really have no reason to attack me

I actually have a neighbor whose cat LOVES the leash. She's declawed (which I personally HATE) and she knows the leash means she gets to go outside.
It's not any "meaner" to leash a cat than a dog.
My cats would kill me in my sleep if I did this, but this picture is GREAT. I love it.

who the f##k puts a lead on a cat

ahaha i just had to comment on this.

i think everyone has made the point that a cat is a cat, we all know what cats are like.

we put dogs on leashes. what's the difference with a cat? yes they are different animals, but they are domesticated. if you put a cat in a leash from an early age it would get used to it, just as you do with a dog.

and keeping a cat indoors, or just letting onto a balcony is just as much abuse as putting a cat on a leash... which it's not. all cats are different, and as a pet owner you have to cater for your animal.

if you're going to use the excuse 'free spirited' please apply to all animals. don't keep hamsters in cages, don't use leashes for dogs etc.

oh and please learn how to spell.

Settle down people. The cat is fine. Ofcourse a 15 year old cat is going to just laze around on a porch. I have a year old cat and i know that if i let him outside on his own either one of the neighbors dogs or a car would get him. I love my cat and i'm not willing to take that risk. Having a leash for him does not in any way make him less of a free spirit, if he didn't like it i wouldn't do it. Dogs at first don't like to be walked and have to be trained. horses have to be trained to have a saddle. if teaching a cat to use a leash is abuse then all those others are too and gosh that'd be a great deal of animal abuse. PETA would rule the world. :razz:

Oh for the love of... Whoever said 13 year olds can't have opinions on 'adult' matters (Actually whoever suggested this, a picture of a cat on a harness, is an adult matter) is a generalising idiot. You're no more qualified than they are, acting that childish. I'm nearly 15, that 13 year old whose name I forgot is, frankly, an idiot. Doesn't make all us teenagers moronic, thankye.

Anyhow. Back on topic. Stop bashing it. If the cat really hated it, the cat would dig his or her claws in, and PULL. It's probably just, as people have said, being tricksy as cats with. They're naturally very contrary creatures. Sometimes you just have to tell them who's boss, and if that means tugging them a bit, so be it. As long as the cat isn' being hurt (Which I can tell it isn't). Most felines'll take advantage if you let them have their way TOO much, it's just how they are. My cat knows she isn't supposed to come inside my room, but whenever I open it she shoots in - she doesn't with other rooms. So I lift her up and plop her out. If that's abuse, this is abuse, and that means I'm an animal abuser which I'm not. Come on seriously guys.

I just think that its mean I live in the city and we live in an apartment with a patio my cat is 14 years old goes on the patio ONLY and Ive never had to leash her Cats r free spirits and I prefer my cat being a free spirit which means not controlling her behaviour

What's mean is that you confine your cat to a tiny apartment for its entire life. A cat should be allowed to roam freely outside. How would you feel if you were stuck in your apartment forever?

i have a leash for my cats so i can take them outside and not have them get scared and run into the bushes if a dog runs up.
my kitten does okay with it, he wont walk where i want him to but its okay.
my older cat is pretty much like the one in the pic. he just lays down and rolls on the ground until he's tangled.

We live in the city and have cats that never go outdoors. I wouldn't be opposed to putting them in a harness and taking them for a walk. It's either that or they don't go outside at all.

There are lots of animals who have no home and live in dangerous areas. This cat obviously has a home, and has an owner who is interested enough in the cat to own a harness and want to walk him. The 'cruelty' comments are childish and attention-seeking. There are much, much worse crimes in the world than kitty-on-a-leash.

do u guys put ur kids on harnesses too?
I feel sorry for this cat

These harnesses look great... my cat's very bad & keeps bringing in dead mice and birds. I think if I used a harness I could retrain it so it would be kinder to other animals.

thank you Mitsuru this is what Ive been saying

This is wrong. Seriously. Cats are independent creatures. They don't need harnesses and leashes. I wouldn't say it's cruelty, but get yourself a dog. They don't mind walks at all. :wink:

if ur cat is sick why harness it to go to a vet its already not feeling good y add extra stress I have a carrier for my does look like the cat is being dragged to me and If I insulted anyone then Im sorry that was not my intention I just wouldnt do this to my cat

:smile: my cat floyd use to do this. he would just flop on the ground and no amount of coaxing or trying to make him stand would help. i constantly put it on him until he was use to it. now when ever he sees me with it he gets all excited and starts *talking*. he loves it, he knows he gets to go outside.

Heehee, honestly, if the furball were really in any danger, he would have miraculously slithered out of the harness (i've seen it done!) and either run away or rip his owner to shreds! Cats are just fickle creatures and sometimes they wanna go, sometimes they don't. Our cat does the 'go limp' thing until he gets outside where he safely and happily frolics. Then he goes limp when it's time to go inside.

I now consider you a genius.

You guys are the epitome of uber lulz. Look at the cat, okay? It's not being dragged. I can tell that you guys are looking for at the harness and then at the claws, but not at the face. Looks at the little kitty's face. It looks pretty calm and collected. It's not being pulled hard, it does not feel threatened. That cat loves its owner very much, you can tell.

The other day, I tried to take my cat off of my bed to go to sleep. What do you know, it clung on. The next day, I woke up with the little fuzzball laying on me. Cats are naturally independent and don't like being forced into something, but by no means is it harming them or making them unhappy. It's their little way of saying, "No, I'm my own cat with my own rules!"

Also, Steff? Just because a few cats don't like a leash, doesn't mean all cats hate it. One of my cats, Blossom, absolutely loves going outside. There are no dogs in the neighbourhood, and she's a bit of a scaredy, so we let her out onto the back lawn and she doesn't roam too far. All cats have behaviours, and several of my friends have had cats that absolutely love harnesses, just because they get to go outside on them. This cat, however, doesn't.

Lord, people, lurn2cat. >_>

Third comment by me.

Some people just can't handle a simple funny picture such as this.
I've owned several cats in my lifetime and many of them have done this..
If you can't handle it, don't comment it.

Honestly, this is for enjoyment.

NOT ridicule.

And I think that 13 year olds can't really have an opinion on an outside adult matter.

Grow up a little.
It's no offense to you, so don't take any.
But, really.


Attacking other people on a website?

What kind of life does that portray anybody having?

Tsk, tsk.


For all the people saying that you should not force an animal to do something it doesn't want to do, what if your animal is sick? Most pets do not enjoy going to the vet at all. Yet you would take them there anyways, right? Or would you protect their choice and leave them at home to die?
A lot of cats are born outside then taken in. They are naturally wild animals, but their owners won't let them out for fear that they will get hurt. A harness is a safe way to let them be outside. They can get exercise and revisit old scents and sights and the owner doesnt have to worry about the cat getting hurt. I speak from experience. All of my cats were once outside cats. They all love to be let out to roam around my yard, but its hard to let them do that when there are cars and other animals around.
And to Steff, cats can climb. A fence would not stop it from bolting out of that yard. And cats don't always return home, not all of them are good with directions.

Hey I'm 13 years old, but I agree with Colleen and Amy, you should NEVER force a cat( or any other animal for that matter) to do soemthing that you know it doesn't want to do. I have never lived wihtout a cat, so I know what I'm talking about. MY first cat was ok with the leash, he didnt mind it, but didnt really like it that much. My other cats wouldn't touch it, the cat I have now will be sneaky and escape from it. If you want your cats to get excersize, put them in a backyard or a fenced in area if youre worried about them running away. Cats alwayus know how to get back home so you dont need a leash, and this picture makes me want to hurt whoever is the owner.

I've had cats my entire life. Most have had to be on leashes at some point or another. Some took to the harness immediately, others took some time, but they all got used to it. They were not 'forced' to do it any more than they were 'forced' to eat cat food (instead of, say, roasted chicken and fish nightly).

I've lived in large cities my entire life. Some places there are laws about letting your cats (not just dogs anymore) roam free outside, never mind the fact that it is dangerous to just let them out. If you want to discuss how cats are 'free spirits' and how they should not be leashed, we could toss in the fact that city-dwellers either keep their cats indoors at all times (to keep them safe or to prevent them from running away - because they're 'free spirits'?), leash them for some time outside with their perfectly loving care-givers, or let them 'roam free' (to get hit by a car/attacked by an animal?).

A leash is not cruel: the animal is not harmed by it (with proper use) and it suffers no detrimental effects with repeated use. If you do not agree with keeping an animal on a leash, fine. If you think it's a good idea, fine. Unless there is evidence that the animal is being harmed, who cares? This cat isn't being dragged, it is being lifted a small bit off the ground.

That being said, I don't agree that the cat should be pulled on at all, especially while it is getting used to the harness it clearly is not used to.

Also, there's a hug for each of you so be happy ok?

cats are not suppose to be leashed they r free spirits and this is just cruel

this is a terrible picture y r they dragging the poor cat some one needs to drag them behind a pick up This isnt funny at all

"Guess I avoid FORCING my cat to do things that it doesn’t like to do." I'd hate to see your house.

Reminds me of my brother in laws cat. Sweet adorable cat who has a perfectly happy life and yet gets all docile with the harness, due to not appreciating it much.

If you were to see actual forms of abuse to cats, you'd think this was absolutely nothing, not even 'sad'.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor little guy... :sad:

to everyone saying "if you think this is cruel, you've ever owned a cat"

I've owned many-a cat and am currently housing two adults and three kittens. ..that cat isnt being resistant. It's front feet would be more outstretched from trying to cling onto the carpet. It's being dragged. It's cruel. Who the fuck harnesses a cat anyway. If it doesn't want to go outside then why MAKE it. there's no justifiable cause for it. Dog, understandable, they don't have litter boxes to potty in.

Hehe... I have 2 indoor cats as well and putting them in a harness is a trial in patience. However, when they are outside the love it. Wonderful little picture of a silly cat :D

Firstly, I know where my hidden anger comes from. And secondly I have no qualms about responding the same way to ignorance in real life. And I never claimed to be the kind of person who doesn't judge. That, would be a lie. Considering those kinds of people don't exist. And I wasn't attacking anyone, I was just using a personal example to show the kind of outcome that you should expect with a philosophy that Colleen herself stated.

Thanks Jimbo...this was my first time ever making a comment on anything and I am kind of shocked at the personal attack (I will not mention names or name)...your attitude is refreshing and I appreciate your words.

Take care.

Best not to feed the trolls, colleen :roll: I can only pray that they can reflect back on their insult riddled condescending rhetoric and discover the source of the vitriol which causes it. Just because the internet is relatively anonymous does not excuse rude behavior and personal atacks in what was otherwise an interesting discussion amongst reasonable adults.

WOw are a very nice and open person that doesn't judge people without knowing them.

Nice to know there are people like you that inhabit this world.

Have a nice day are not even worth it.

:roll: Colleen, I pity your child. Her mother obviously is a complete waste with nothing better to do than continue to play victim online and be incapable of admitting she was wrong. Then again, considering you don't believe in discipline, your 18 year old is probably hopped up on crack and hanging out in her professor's bedroom for extra credit. After all, that's the kind of behavior one can expect from someone who has been raised to never have to do something they don't like.

Better watch out Jimbo...anyone that has an opinion is called an idiot on this website-jeez

Umm. Not abuse. Some cats wear harnesses. some refuse because they are not familiar with them. The cats ears are clearly pointed forward suggesting he is just being passive and not feeling threatened. The hind legs are pointing in opposite directions demonstrating it is not being dragged in this photo. It seems to me that this photo was taken to illustrate the feline nature with which many if not most cat owners can relate. Yes,this photo is a little funny and a little sad, making a good photo.

treating cats and dogs as people demonstrates a dysfunctional relationship. pets have different ways of training and discipline than people and both are needed for the health safety and well being of both of you. If you never create the trust relationship you are missing out. The library is a good source of information on feline behavior.

The owner should be aware that the leash pictured is a dog leash and too heavy for the harness. A cat leash should be purchased as it is lighter and more comfortable

the preceding are my opinions and represents my observations and experiences. your opinions may vary.

Haha... My kitty does the same thing when i put the harness on him... but once he is outside he is so happy. and I certainly won't let him outside to just roam. so many cars

Kryczia - honey - I am a proud parent of an 18 year old young lady who is currently attending college. So, why don't you shut up - perhaps you wouldn't mind a muzzle- i'm sure you aren't against those as well/


I have to say that I have found the response to my tiny little first comment to be so "rigorous". People love to put other people down don't they "honey"

Anyone who thinks this is cruelty is an idiot. And Colleen, honey, sometimes we all have to do things we don't want to do. And that includes cats, which, by the way are animals, not people. If you live by the philosophy that you don't force people/pets to do anything they don't like to do then I hope to god you don't have children. After all, what child wants to ride in a car seat? And you wouldn't force that would you? Or what child wants to eat broccoli? Or come home by curfew, or not do drugs. God forbid anyone be forced to do what they don't want to.

The fact of the matter is people, cats, dogs, lizards, and whatever else you can think of, possess cognitive learning skills. We learn to accept things we don't like and grow from it. So shut up and focus your energy on something more productive.

I have owned cats for many years, and I concur that it looks more like abuse than anything else.

Cats do not need to wear a harness, ever. Cruel.

Awww, silly kitty. It's like he's saying; "Yeah, you can't make me." I tried putting a collar on one of my kitties and he just fell over and didn't move, looking at me like; "you know this wont work out." So, grinning, I took it off of him. Cat's truly have minds of their own. I think that's why they're so attractive as pets to people who really love them.

By the way ...I NEVER mentioned abuse in my first comment...just that I thought it was sad.

I have two them to death. In fact in my 43 years I can only think of 5 that there wasnt atleast one cat in my household.


NEVER would even think about a leash...they would absolutely HATE it. Guess I avoid FORCING my cat to do things that it doesn't like to do.

people who think, based on this picture alone, that's its cruelty should probably spend a bit of time with a cat (but please don't keep it). Have you ever tried to take a cat off of say, a cat tree, and they didn't want to? They dig in and don't budge. Dogs do similarly when you're trying to walk them into the vets. Kids do similarily when they don't want to go to bed...chill....

:mrgreen: i have 3 cats, and recently took my biggest on a walk, he did the same thing, so i carried him outside with his harness on, and he loved it :), just gotta get them used to it. its not cruel.

Amy and Colleen are clearly people who have
never owned (and probably never met) a
cat. That little guy is perfectly ok, he's just
exercising his right to a bit of passive resitance
with the harness. As SanSan says, this is
perfectly standard behaviour for a cat who is
unfamiliar with the concept of walking on a
leash. It's not sad, it's not abuse, the cat
is not helpless and it's not shameful.

You both ought to stick to commenting on
issues that you know something about.

This definitely looks like abuse to me. Nothing funny about this picture whatsoever. Poor cat looks so helpless.You should be ashamed.

He looks like a cool cat. But any time I ever see a pic of a cat potentially being cruel to (you never on the Internet), I get a little concerned.

We had a tabby just like him and he was my best friend. He used to come running to greet me every time I came in. And when I'd open my bedroom door, he's come charging in. Way cool cat.


little guy looks scared :sad:

Clearly you've never had a cat then, Colleen, or you've never tried putting a leash on one, or you wouldn't think it's sad, you'd just think "yep that's a cat for ya" :roll:

I think this picture is kind of sad...

:neutral: :twisted: :arrow: :shock: :smile: :???: :oops: :idea:

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